Far Infrared is an electromagnetic wave, an intense radioactive ray with a longer wavelength than visible light on the spectrum.

Near infrared can be used in food processing, vehicle painting, cooking, while far infrared is particularly suitable for physiotherapy by speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. It helps to remove impurities from our cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

It can be obtained only if light is accompanied with heat.

Molecular movements can be changed to resonance vibration in infrared - this vibration will generate frictional heat. It can penetrate 10mm into the the epidermis in comparison with the normal heat stimulation 0.5mm, so infrared makes people warm.

What's the relationship between far infrared and health

  1. Improved blood circulation and metabolism.
  2. Detoxification of heavy metals and toxic chemicals
  3. Stimulated physiological function, intensification of the healthy production of hormones and enzymes.
  4. Reduced muscular pain and inflammation
  5. Lower blood pressure and improved heart health

The physiological effect of far infrared

  1. Improve physiological oxidation and reduction, remove redundant fat, and keep fit.
  2. Save your energy, unlike exercise.
  3. Relieve pain due to heat on the nerve endings.
  4. Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in balanced nutrition.
  5. Speed up perspiration and fat metabolism (your body should have enough hydration from pure water)
  6. Lose weight. Burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes
  7. Build up your health, release fatigue.
  8. Physiotherapy with muscular and neural ailments, relieve liver tension and pain.
  9. Prevent the spread of tumors.
  10. Rejuvenate your skin and look years younger

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