Bentonite Clay


Bentonite clay is composed of volcanic ash. The use of bentonite clay dates back into pre-historic times and was used as a traditional healing method for protecting the body against disease. Several traditional cultures living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia have used clays in many ways for thousands of years. Because the clay is readily available and requires no processing, it has been a popular and cost-effective way of detoxing the body for millenia.

These days we come into contact with a range of toxins every day, as toxins are given off from common products like paint, cleaning supplies, markers, substances used in building homes, low-quality water, and even pesticides that are widely used these days. It is quite common to inject a range of different toxins just by breathing in the fumes that are present all around us, not to mention the toxins that we receive from an unhealthy diet filled with low-quality processed foods.

Bentonite clay benefits your body by helping to expel many of these toxins, and can be used as part of a heavy metal detox. It increases immunity and reduces inflammation, and on top of being able to draw out toxins, the clay itself has a range of nutrients.

Bentonite clay is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. When ingested into the body, either as a drink or by eating the clay, its vitamins and minerals are absorbed. Therefore, some people use it as a supplement since the clay is a natural source of important dietary nutrients.


Bentonite clay is able to remove toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities from the gut, skin and mouth.

Bentonite clay produces an electrical charge when it comes in contact with liquid. In its natural state, bentonite clay has negatively charged electrons, whereas most toxins and heavy metals have positively charged electrons. This allows the two to bind together and stay united while the toxin removal process occurs. The clay is able to remove toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities from the gut, skin and mouth.

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