Portable Photon 1Mhz Ultrasound Body Massager

IPL Photon Ultrasound 1Mhz Body Restorer

Up until recently the technology was not able to produce 1Mhz ultrasonic waves in a hand held device

Now IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) variable speed 7 colour photon has been combined with the break-through portable 1Mhz Ultrasound to bring this remarkable devise. 1Mhz vibrations reach to 2mm beneath the surface of the skin making it ideal for the thicker skin of the body. And the 7 possible variations of colour can target a greater number of skin and subcutaneaous conditions as well as stimulating circulatory systems including drainage from the lymphphatic system

Now you can realy have all the advantages of a spa or clinic with the latest photorejuvenation electrosound equipment right in your own home

PHOTON Rejuvenation

A photon is a discrete packet of energy associated with electromagnetic radiation (light). In this case the photon length is from 450 nano metres to 640 nano metres which puts it in the visible spectrum and at the safe end of it. For instance, from 695-1200nm permanent, safe and painless hair removal is achieved. Ultraviolet and ultrared are both outside the 450-640nm range.

Things to know about Photon 450-640nm home treatment:-

  • Blue light (480nm) Calming effect on sensitive skin. Eliminates the acne bacillus and other pathogens
  • White (510nm) Guides skin to absorb
  • Green light (518nm) Balances moisture, normalizes sebaceous glands, reduces black heads - helpful for calming skin irritations and reducing pigmentation
  • Turquoise (Green + Blue) Tightens slackened skin. Strengthens to protect skin
  • Red + Blue (Purple,) Has the effect of draining the lymphatic system, thus reducing wrinkles.
  • Red (640nm) Promotes blood circulation, regenerates collagen protein to build new skin cells and it accelerates the healing process

Seven light combinations - each affecting the skin's cells differently because of the effect of each different wave length from 450 to 640nm.

Photon energy irradiation uses the ability of the body's cell structures, called the chromophores, to react to light. This bio light stimulation causes specific chemical reactions inside the cells which rearrange and renew themselves.

Phototherapy/colour therapy treatment also works as a natural sun block if used on a regular basis.


Ultrasound is effectively used for any part of our face or body. Ultrasound body massager emits high frequency waves, invisible to the eye and mostly undetectable by our sense of touch, meaning you can't feel them. Ultrasound massage is also known as "micro-massage".

The depth of the wave penetration depends on the ultrasonic frequencies - the higher the frequency of the vibration the more shallow the wave penetration. And vice versa, the smaller the number of wave vibrations the deeper it penetrates under the skin. Therefore the 1MHz mode (1 million times vibrations per second) is a better option for body treatments (tissues and muscles are thicker). The 3MHz (3 million times vibrations per second) mode is optimal for facial treatment (tissues and muscles are much thinner).

The vibration produces fast repeated stretching and shrinking of the cell membranes which improves skin elasticity, stimulates skin metabolism, promotes collagen production. Vibration of this kind generates soft cellular tissue massage, which has a powerful stimulating effect. At the same time the head of the device produces mechanical massage without stretching the skin, unlike regular facial massage.

  • Get rid of cellulite by breaking up the accumulation of fat cells in the skin
  • Drain any excess fluid or water in the body that can cause build-up that would later develop as cellulite
  • Treat areas that are resistant to diet and exercise like your inner arms and other well-hidden areas
  • Flush away toxins from the body
  • Promote production of collagen to improve skin texture and appearance

Things to know about Ultrasound treatment:-

  • Ultrasound has to be used with a conductive gel or gel-like skin care products to ensure 100% ultrasound wave absorption.
  • Ultrasound waves disturb intercellular water connections and open the channels for active components to penetrate into the dermis.
  • Ultrasound massage of 1 MHz provides deep cellular massage and increased skin absorption abilities.
  • Ultrasound massage promotes skin cellular renewal and repair, increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and swelling, plumps up and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Ultrasonic frequency tightens sagging skin, fades dark eye circles, freckles and age spots.

You can use the photon and ultrasound functions together or separately.

The Photon Ultrasound machine will automatically switch off after 20 minutes. If more photon ultrasound therapy is to be used the same session then the next and last 20 minutes should use a different colour which includes the calming and cleansing effect of blue or green.

Usually just one session per day, or even just 3 days a week, is all that is required to begin to see and feel the difference.
photon ultrasound


  • Types: All skin types
  • Voltage: DC-24V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Output frequency:10W
  • Ultrasonic waves: frequency 1MHz with adjustable Ultrasonic Waves intensity (i.e. continuous, incontinuous, high, low, off)
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel
  • Device Size: 17.4 x 6.5cm
  • Gift Box Size: 25x20x5 cm

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