Zero Point Energy Wand

Zero Point Energy[1]

A phenomenally important new technology that is breaking news worldwide!

It aids age reversal, promotes healthy cells and expels diseases by realigning your body's energetic systems allowing it to harmonize your entire body's bio-field.

Zero Point Energy is defined as: "The infinite, formless, non-frequency energy that contains all potential in the cosmic quantum vacuum." When this energy is condensed into matter, information is stored in the molecular structures that have vibratory frequencies, known as the electromagnetic spectrum. So it 'remembers' what cellular vibrant health is, and stimulates other cells in close contact to replicate its vibratory frequencies, or ground state.

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Zero Point Energy/Scaler EM Wand

The Scalar EM Wand is a cutting-edge tool that serves to expedite a healing process which restores the body to wholeness.
It catalyses an unblocking of the flow of energy, enabling cohesive bodily functions and boosting immunity, which in turn affords protection from disease and infection.

Zero-point energy (ZPE) or ground state energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have, i.e. it is the energy of the system's ground state.

How ZeroPoint/Scalar Energy Works

The Wand's zero point impetus facilitates a return to harmony and balance in the body's bio-fields. Once such energetic balance is restored, the physical body will begin to adjust accordingly, and rid itself of the cause of dis-ease, previously manifested as illness.

Laboratory tests have indicated that red and white cells tend to stick together when there is illness, injury or poor health. According to the famous Max Planck Institute in Germany the scalar energy “unsticks” the cells.[2] Circulation is remarkably improved in lymphatic and blood systems that flow smoothly. Good flow of bodily fluid systems hastens healing.

In short, the wand works as an energetic instruction booklet, the contents of which are picked up and interpreted by the DNA of the body. The DNA then begins a cellular restoration process leading to self-healing, equilibrium, and integrity.

The Wand has a proven track record in aiding the treatment of:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Poor Circulation
  • Infections
  • Injuries
  • Sleep problems
  • Sore muscles
  • Indigestion
  • Swelling
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Skin conditions
  • Period pain

Indications for use:

  • To discharge energy blockages in our body
  • To clear the distortions in our Bio energetic field
  • Facilitate the body`s (self) healing
  • To energize the foods and liquids thereby increasing potency
  • On pets and plants to supplement energy deficiency
  • To balance & energize the body imbalances
  • To help others with aches, pains and other ailments
  • Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
  • Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity.

How to Use the Scalar Wand

  • Point the wand and rotate clockwise 3,9,18 times
  • For more effectiveness, point as close as possible
  • Use the wand on face to rejuvenate the skin
  • Use the wand to energize your food and water
  • Press and rotate at least 3 times on all finger and toe tips to unblock energy blockages

The simplest and most common wanding technique involves waving or circling the wand anywhere between touching the skin to being an inch to two away from any area which your energy field is in need of repair. Further basic techniques include touching and holding the wand repeatedly on or around a desired target-point, like say a bruise or cut or painful muscle, or simply wearing the wand close-by.

How to gain the benefits of Zero Point Energy

The wand can be used on the face and body to rejuvenate the skin, to oxygenate the blood, and can energize creams and oils for better absorption.

It can also be used to enliven and fortify food, to prime water, to energize plants, and to innervate the general environment in which you live - your body.

Improved hair growth, quicker and stronger nail growth and an enhanced resistance to tooth decay can be visually evidenced.

When scalarised water is used in conjunction with supplements, they are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body cells.

IN SUMMARY The Zero Point Energy Wand is a futuristic tool that utilizes resonance of naturally occurring high matrix minerals to maximize the hydration potential in liquid substances, including the body which is 70% liquid.

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  2. ^ Research in 1950 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that when a mechanically created scalar wave was introduced into a petrie dish containing living cells, the cells separated, lost their clumping and became more active within the fluid medium.Bioscalar Energy: The Healing Power. Dr. Valerie Hunt, 2000

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