Lalique! Cachet "Singe Ecoute" Ambre Collection

Made in France

Handmade Luxurious Figurine!


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  • Full Description
  • condition: Brand New
  • item: Figurine
  • original brand name : Lalique
  • collection: Cachet Singe Ecoute Ambre
  • made in: FRANCE
  • make:Handmade
  • model: 1065000

  • Other Information:
  • width: 1.3 Inch
  • total item length: 1.0 inch
  • height: 2.4 Inch

Lalique is the only crystal brand which, through artistry and fusion at 1,400 C, metamorphoses raw materials into unique works of art. For more than 100 years, Lalique has been known for its glassmaking techniques and unique designs. By 1890, Lalique was recognized as one of France's foremost art nouveau and art deco designers.

Lalique went on to be one of the most famous in the field, the name synonymous with creativity and quality. The LALIQUE style comes from an artistic gesture, a style that one easily recognizes through the manual modelling of the shapes and patternswith the contrast of clear and matt crystal. Lalique has an identity built by softness, femininity, and nature with strong art nouveau and art deco inspirations.

Since 1921, all Lalique items are manufactured by the human hand of both artists and craftsmen with strength and traditional know-how that has been transmitted for generations. Lalique is proud to count among its artists seven "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France." All of the glass masters follow old methods such as blowing, whirling, and shaping. Lalique can be found in all high-end department stores as well as its own boutiques throughout the world.

For almost a century Lalique has enriched the world with gifts of magnificent artistry. Delicate pieces made in crystal or opalescent glass are prized treasures of collector's world wide. Lalique defines quality in the world of glass sculpture with the delicate nature of each pieces and the extreme precision to detail. Lalique gifts from Farley will put a smile in any face and will be treasured for generations to come


Presented in the original gift box with number appraisal

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