Daum! Limited Edition Kallisti Blanc Collection

Made in France

Handmade Luxurious Figurine

Made by Alex Fassianos


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Sale Price: $740 NZD

  • Full Description
  • condition: Brand New
  • item: Figurine
  • original brand name : Daum FRANCE
  • collection: Kallisti Blanc
  • condition: Brand New
  • made in: FRANCE
  • make:Handmade
  • model: 03094

  • Other Information:
  • width: 9.0 Inch
  • height: 7.25 Inch

As the initiator of modern glassmaking in the early 20th century, Daum made no secret of its creative ambitions from the outside, and in 1893 set up an artistic department within the company: a move that distinctly set the tone.

From Art Nouveau to the Decorative Arts, keeping in close step with all the innovative movements that marked the passing eras, the company was a spearhead of contemporary creation. And each generation of the Daum dynasty has contributed something new to the glasswork, whether in creative or technical terms.

Few brands have worked with so many artists. Salvador Dali, Arman, Cesar, Dan Dailey, Andre Deluol, Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Paloma Picasso, Roland Topar, Manolo Valdes, Daum has always called on the greatest contemporary artists every epoch Collection. Those were handmade in the purest tradition. Over three hundred and fifty artists have collaborated with Daum to date, constituting an incomparable legacy, a unique collection, for the brand.


Presented in the original gift box with number appraisal

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