Moods" ORIGINAL Mixed Media Painting by Niro Vasali

Hand Signed by the Artist!

ORIGINAL Mixed Media Painting by Vasai

** Listprice: $650.00

"Moods" ORIGINAL Mixed Media Painting by Niro Vasali,

Hand Signed by the Artist!

Sale Price $249 AUD

NOW MAY BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO OWN THE REMARKABLE ARTWORK OF NIRO VASALI! Nirol Vasali uses muted colors in conjunction with elegant brushstrokes to create unique artwork that intrigues collectors all across the country.

"Moods" is an original mixed media painting on paper, hand signed by Vasali! Please note that this piece has a very large border that will need to be trimmed before it is framed.

Measures approx. 27" x 37" (with border), 18" x 18" (image).

Listprice: $650.00

Born in Palermo, Italy, Niro Vasali's breathtaking artwork reflect his the cultural background of his family. Both artistic and athletic as a child, Vasali says he cannot remember a time when was wasn't painting, drawing, or playing soccer, and the exertion and introspection created a balance in his life. Vasali continued his artistic endeavors when he moved to the United States. Here his vibrant artwork and passionate images have amassed a fanbase nationwide.

Vasali uses a wide range of materials, including oils, acrylics, linen, burlap, paper, and canvas to create his unique masterpieces that center on contrast and tension. Vasali's work is exhibited and collected across the country and internationally.

 ORIGINAL Mixed Media Painting by Vasali

Presented with Certificate of Authenticity!

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