Dark! Untitled ORIGINAL Acrylic Painting by Michael Rossini

Hand Signed with Certificate of Authenticity!

Original acrylic painting by Michael Rossini

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A modern master, Michael Rossini uses strong brush strokes and dramatic earth tones to create brilliant works of art.

This piece is an untitled original acrylic painting on paper, hand signed by the artist. Includes Certificate of Authenticity!

Measures approx. 30.5" x 25.5" (no border)

Listprice: $900.00

Michael Rossini, born in 1958, is extremely popular with collectors for his well respected talent in Abstract and Contemporary art.

Mr. Rossini studied Architecture at Southern California Institute and art instruction at Parsons Institute. This impressive combination of education and natural talent has brought Mr. Rossini's fine art work on exhibit across the United States and in a few exhibits in Europe. Currently after decades of work Mr. Rossini has now over 3000 Visual Arts Copyrights.

Michael Rossini is recognized as one of America's finest Abstract impressionists. He studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and received formal art instruction at Parsons Institute. Well known to collectors of contemporary art, Mr. Rossini has extensive exhibits in the United States and had participated in few of exhibits in Europe.

His works of art has adorned luxury homes, Marriot hotels, numerous corporate offices. Over the past decades work compilation of Mr. Rossini earned him reputation in the contemporary and architectural art field, he now holds over 3000 Visual Arts Copyrights. Mr. Rossini is a strict vegetarian and past President of the International Ethical Treatment of Animals, an NGO campaigning to protect animal from experiments abuse. He currently resides in Rancho Santa Margarita, California with his wife and daughter.

Original acrylic painting by Michael Rossini

Presented with Certificate of Authenticity!

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