Trussardi! Made in Italy

Lovely Scarf Made of 100% Silk

Trussardi Silk Scarf

Listprice: $135 NZD ($182 USD)

Trussardi is a major company that helped contribute to the popularity of the made-in-Italy label throughout the world.

Trussardi as a company was revamped in 1970 when Nicola Trussardi took over the family company and expanded from a simple glove-making company to luxury accessories, ready to wear, and specialty projects for airlines and car companies.

Trussardi is also famous for designing the Italian Olympic team's uniforms in the 1988 Olympics.

  • Detailed Description:
  • item: Scarf
  • original brand name: Trussardi
  • condition: brand new
  • made in: ITALY
  • colour: beige

  • Other Info:
  • width: 18 inch
  • total item length: 67 inch
  • gender: ladies

Trussardi Silk Scarf

Presented in the Original Sleeve

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