Your Choice

Your Choice


by Zeus

Copyright © Z Caldwell 2013

Pulblished in Lismore, NSW, Australia

First Published July 2013


I would like to dedicate this short book to my tireless mother who always repeated the most important lesson possible: 'To thine own self be true' (W. Shakespeare). That guidance is what has saved me over and again, just like you said it over and again ;-) thanks, Mem. I wish you much peace, love and happiness.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Hstory to 1 B.C.

Chapter 2

1 A.D. - Now

The Gist of the History

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Your Choice


Using a starting point of getting to the bottom of what the new world order is all about, when for me the first mention of the NWO by George H.W Bush on 9/11, 1990 started to vibe, especially after 9/11, 2001, and being who I am in my search for who gets to call the shots for the installation of any NWO, I had to start at the earliest reference, which just kept going back further and further until before the beginning of life on earth.

You know how they say truth is stranger than fiction - this is the epitome of one of those cases. But I had to do it through my eyes, not having the luxury of someone else's; and so accordingly, this is not a work of history through an historian's eyes, nor is it a work of fiction, nor is it a scientific treatise, but since my background includes having read Art History and Logic at both Sydney and Queensland Universities, Australia, so I have used what art and other treasures that have survived since Paleolithic and Neolithic times to 'read' the history from them from a logical perspective, which naturally requires scientific support.

So it is a logical hypothesis placed within an immensely broad and ne'er I say multi-dimensional context, which addresses more than a few conundrums about what's been going on; and can we stop it? And is that even a relevant question considering the way the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) is regarded as far above top secret as possible? What's that about?

Focusing on history, art, logic, philosophy, morals, metaphysics, theology, epistemology, religion, physics, science, and political 'philosophy', all of which has been used as evidence for the hypothesis, and most of which is easily googleable (if that's a word), it presents an alternative viewpoint to the one we have been spoon fed by the transnational ruling class, aka the Illuminati or Khazarian cabal, who are the spell casting agents of Lucifer, according to the esoteric and biblical records.

Again, I had to read it from the evidence, all of the fragments, but through my eyes and preconceived ideas, which I have tried to keep to a minimum or preferably at zero, if its possible to eliminate all preconceived ideas. So it could be best described as a possible explanation for all the inconsistencies and anomalies that have always intrigued and bothered me.

My findings are presented from the top down which is hopefully even more interesting than looking at it from the bottom up, the way I did.

I hope you enjoy my journey and that you are not too critical of mylack ofstyle...


"We love life not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving" (F. Nietzsche)

Our world new, which is referred to as OWN, will be which ever way we decide between one of two or so options. Yes, hopefully it will be shown that there are at least two - and not just a geared up version of the old world order, or total lack of any for all of its sacrificial, pestilence, famine, usury and war driven history; but also one that is true to our default nature, and not to the nature of someone who has stepped over the line between good and evil, which requires our 'fake' nature if you like; and which is the world we have lived through each time we have been here since before Atlantis fell which is mostly said to be around 10,000 B.C.. However, if we take into account that the Emerald Tablets of Thoth exist, we find that tablet 8 states:
"Far in the past before Atlantis existed
men there were who delved into darkness,
using dark magic, calling up beings
from the great deep below us."

So, we need to unlearn the illogical rubbish we are being programmed with by the offspring of those who used dark magic (or as they call it: 'magick') "Far in the past before Atlantis existed", and relearn the facts from what we have been left by the most reliable sources we can find, albeit that they were mostly censored by the bloodlines as well, as far as they possibly could. However, some of our forebears appear more trustworthy than others, and according to records contained in Plato's dialogue, The Timaeus written in 360 B.C. from conversations heard two generations before from Solon, ruler of Athens who while on his visit to Egypt, questioned the priests on history prior to the known deluge - Noah's flood of 2345 B.C.; and he was told of Atlantis which ruled Africa as far as the border of Egypt and Europe as far as Tuscany on the Appenine peninsula and that it sank in one dreadful day and night, inter alia....

Also, in the translation of the Indian Bhagavad-Gita, part of the Mahabharata attributed to Vyasa, and considered to be one of two of the oldest known Indian texts, describes the battle of Atlantis and that's when the brotherhood of the snake who control the world first emerged after Atlantis sank; according to these and other secret records which the brotherhood has been leaking lately on the internet and through the new age movement. The first Egyptian Pharaoh was from Atlantis, other members of that brotherhood of the yellow dragon went to Tibet and India.

So we are beginning from the assumption that the records that say the brotherhood of the snake combines both the red/Shamballa brotherhood, the seat of evocation of wisdom (casting spells) and the yellow/Agartha brotherhood, the seat of invocation of wisdom (contacting spirits) are true, albeit partially; and, they have been fighting each other as to who is the true god-race for eons and accusing each other of using black magic. Recorded history tells us that their battles between themselves were responsible for the war that caused the fall of Atlantis, and as lately as the war that caused the fall of the Third Reich, as we shall see when we follow the history from the perspective of the Aryans being the god-human race on earth as well as the Hebrew belief in god's chosen people from the bible, which they fight over but call the brotherhood of the yellow and red dragon respectively.

Also, if we use the records left to us we see Noah's flood, like records of space visitors, turn up in every culture's records right across the world, no exceptions. Six hundred ancient tribal legends from around the world give a record of the world covering flood, for instance, and from all the carefully preserved records from so many different cultures, all have been carefully ignored or disputed by those who wish us to believe a false history, so that they are the only ones with the knowledge and so the power. The expression 'knowledge is power' dates from this time. Our space brothers have always been there for us just like the malevolent 10% of space beings have always been there for our secret government, the Zionist/Illuminati cabal whom they in turn control. That's how it works in the 4th dimension - very scary place it seems.

Once one steps over the line between right and wrong one no longer sees the world as a place where binary or trinary (3VL) logic rules, in some form, everywhere in the universe; but rather as a place to play a game that one cannot lose at because one is 'smart enough' to break the rules of the game, and then successfully lie and cheat one's way through it, since "no one would believe that someone would act that way towards anyone" as someone once told me. They see the world as a joke, and since they are in control because they are 'smart enough' to break the rules and get away with it, then we deserve all we get from them if we are too stupid to see the 'light' and play the game the way they do. The author has been told by one of them that is what they truly believe: their motto if you like.

Alex Jones, an American broadcaster and you tuber also concluded something similar at the end of his famous you tube:"Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove"

Bohemian Grove

of their annual 128th cremation of care ceremony in Bohemian Grove in 2000. He said: "unfortunately they have been breeding societies to think everything is a joke".

Apparently it isn't always easy to not care that you think the world and everything in it is a joke, so fortunately as a result of a satisfactory sacrifice by our world leaders at Bohemian Grove annually, they can have all their cares lifted, or cremated, as Moloch will always repay a satisfactory blood sacrifice to him with gifts of power, position and prestige. Then next year as the cares start to build again, it can be fixed all over again with another sacrifice, mock or otherwise. And even if the cares don't get to them the next year they still have to have that annual sacrifice to Moloch because that's the deal they have with him..., otherwise all hell would break loose, or something similar, apparently, and they might loose power and control. Or more likely would lose it.

Chapter 1

History to 1 B.C.

The Fall of Lucifer

The biblical and esoteric records that have come to us regarding the planet Lucifer, also known as Malona or Maldek, say that it exploded and is now the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Dr. Tom van Flandern (Yale University 1969), Astronomer with US Naval Observatory for many years, studied the remnants of exploded planets and ran a statistical computation on the origin of comets, and concluded that at certain points in history viz. 65,000,000 years ago and then again 3,200,000 years ago, planets exploded due to deliberate action: one causing the Oort Cloud and the other the Asteriod Belt. All of the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Vedic texts in the Hindu tradition support these time periods and describe the technology used to achieve the destruction, and say it was an atomic explosion that knocked them out and that some of the planet Lucifer fell down to earth 3,200,000 years ago.

For instance, the Old Testament, which derives from the ancient Coptic texts, says: "How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground" (Isaiah 14: 12). And the New Testament says: "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven."(Jesus Christ, Luke 10:18). 19th Century astronomers knew of this missing planet, the same mass as Saturn, which they nicknamed Krypton and which van Flandern postulates was water bearing and a solid planet, capable of supporting life of much larger physiology than here, viz. giants.

Following the fall of Lucifer, and according to the wisdom shared with us by the 4th dimensional beings who used to live there, Earth was settled in its core by the "creators of the universe" - the brothers of light - the Melchezadek order who descended when Lucifer fell, in order to prepare earth's surface for the reincarnation of the souls from Lucifer. These fallen angels were higher, super light bodies, completed humans of the 4th root race (Blavatsky), and unable to progress any further.

What the brothers of light wanted to achieve in their creation was a universal humanoid; "one which was able to overcome all polarities", and thereby having all souls reincarnating into a universal body type, including completed 4th root race souls who have the opportunity to have another try at returning to Source, but from the 3rd dimension again since it is almost impossible to return to understand Oneness having stepped over the line which separates one from the rest of the event called existence or creation or Oneness, which is what almost everyone still in the 4th dimension did. They seem to believe it is the desired course of action to achieve godhood so they can defeat God or Oneness, by being equally good and evil; and they seem easily able to ensnare most people to see things from their perspective down here. Their means of keeping their victims silent once ensnared is blackmail over what they have received or witnessed and/or of which they have partaken, which is always available for publication by the brotherhood.

So anyway, assuming the creators used the Chimpanzee or maybe the Gorilla as the mtDNA (female half of the DNA) since we are around 99.2% genetically similar to both; and maybe Kingu, consort of Tiamat as told in the Sumarian texts, or some other god like Enki, as the y chromosome side and other half of the DNA, to create Adama as they called him, then using the cartilage (rib) of Adama, as opposed to any other type of cell, thus avoiding the bone problems of Dolly the sheep, they created Eve, with obvious genetic differences to Adam in the last pair of chromosomes i.e. one of the pair is not truncated as in Adam's y chromosome but is an almost a mirror image of itself, like the other 45 chromosomes, and forms an x, making her female.

But the game these 4th dimensional so called "creators of the universe" have been playing, presupposes that someone of "equal polarity" - whatever that means - can win out over binary or trinary (3VL) logic. In other words they want to create someone who can seem as good as they are evil, or who can be as evil as they are good or some such illogical state of being, is what they are trying to achieve, as if the rules of duality apply universally, and not even understanding that they really don't even apply in our quantifiable world right here, either.(see Chapter 3 - Quantum Superposition).

They say they want to "overcome polarity" by providing a "playground of infinite experience" here, mostly atrocious it would appear, so eventually we will be able to experience both good and evil and be both at the same time: perfected so as not to give the game away in a universe where consciousness is the prime creator, and all of consciousness is available to anyone with an open heart chakra or 'sacred heart' (cite), or heart as light as a feather when weighed by Anubis (thespiritualsun.com). And something like that they think they can fudge?

So we will follow the logic trail and question if the brothers of light are the ones the dark brotherhood of the snake that rule the world get their 4th dimensional help from now. And in biblical times it was with the active and interactive help and intervention of god the father, the Abrahamic god of the Jews, Muslims, Christians and Bahà'ìs as well. But from countless scriptures we know what kind of sacrifice is expected for that kind of 4th dimensional god help. * hint - stay away from religion and new age spirituality, unless you are into voodoo.

Anyway, to mix and mingle all the biblical and esoteric records from all over the world, they all say something along the lines of: the creator/s of the universe, the Elohim or Enki or Abraham's God or others in other cultures, or the Divine Mother which is the accepted belief of the transnational ruling class, created the humans in his/her/their own image, which tempted the guardians of evolution, the Nephilim, watchers or Annunaki, to procreate with the children of men, i.e. the reincarnated beings with a reptilian brain at the base of the paleomammalian brain, over which lies the neocortex in the 'creation'. This mating was forbidden by the Elohim, also known as the Nordic Aryans or master race, and the Nephilim lost their impartiality and immortality. They were banished from Agartha, the Garden of Eden and lost their eternal youth and androgyny and fell to human evolution again.

So maybe the records that have come to us are true and the Luciferians nuked themselves which caused a polar shift and damaged the magnetic web of the earth which induced a dimensional change down to the 3rd dimension.

We will explore those avenues and other possibilities that relate to our true, albeit secret history which the internet is making less secret all the time.