Energy the Basis of Economic Growth

Energy and “Climate Change” Link via Greenhouse Gases

Energy is the basis of economic growth and economic growth is essential for human development because it is necessary to maintain the world wide Ponzi scheme based on debt to just a few families, which debt controls our economic growth.

Those few families run the world via a pyramid economy which is a debt-based economy using debt as the preferred asset to back the currency rather than a physical asset like gold or silver.

“The world needs a new model of how to generate a rising standard of living that’s not dependent on a pyramid scheme,”Nobel laureate Steven Chu said at the University of Chicago.

The dynasties that control the pyramid scheme have always owned and controlled all the energy sources and production methods to date, viz. coal, petrol or gas and electricity production and insist that most of our debt to them be used to pay for our energy consumption, because energy is the basis of economic growth which is essential for human development. And to underline that principal, the world economy is based on ever-increasing population growth.

What they don’t tell us via their wholly owned and controlled worldwide media outlets and what governments won’t face, is that it is a scheme that makes sustainability impossible and is therefore likely to fail.

In the past, they used to insist that all our generated wealth and taxes owed to them, be paid towards weapons (developed and owned by them), to fight their enemies and save the world that way. But now they realize that war is obsolete.

I guess you could say we are lucky to be just saving the world from so-called “climate change” now , while they still get to inherit all our wealth, regardless.

They are telling us, via their fully controlled media outlets, that although energy is the basis of economic growth, its production is causing greenhouse gases which is causing climate change, and its all our fault.

That is, despite the fact that the climate is changing rapidly on all the planets in our solar system. In our case, it is due to our weakening magnetic field caused by the sun’s cyclical geomagnetic excursions which is what is causing the changes in all the planets in our solar system.

Most Climatologists are now not assuming that clouds trap heat but they are correctly assuming that clouds reflect sunlight and trigger rapid glaciations. This is what the cyclical geomagnetic excersion will likely cause based on previous cyclical excursions, although not quite as fast as The Day After Tomorrow.

No wonder the name was changed from ‘global warming’ last decade. Seems as though they figured it out, but they are not about to tell us that reducing carbon is their next golden egg and our next economic destruction. And for no reason apart from their greed and need to cause misery to appease their god. Sure the climate is changing and rapidly, but not from carbon emissions causing greenhouse gases.

NCAR scientist Andrew Gettelman, said in response to the observed slight warming of the planet during lockdown: “Pollution cools the planet, so it makes sense that pollution reductions would warm the planet.” In other words: pollution is causing global cooling which is more in line with a projected new ice age. And reducing carbon emissions will surely exacerbate drowning the South Pacific islands which is the very thing that causes people to protest in the streets in New Zealand to reduce carbon emissions. Duh!

Today, 11 April 2021, it was revealed yet again that Current Climate Model Simulations Significantly Overestimate Future Sea-Level Rise. But do not expect that this will reach the mainstream media. They will continue to scare the children and other ill-educated people into believing that all the South Sea islands will go underwater if we don’t pay trillions in carbon tax to the black sun worshippers.

Is Non-Polluting Free Energy Possible?

Is non-polluting free energy possible and if it is, why don’t we have it to save the planet from so-called “climate change” if that really is a thing caused by us?

At least that would save bankrupting nearly all the world’s employers by forcing the draconian carbon tax which is touted as necessary to save the planet. Because, after all, energy is the basis of economic growth. And unless our debt-economy is in debt it will crash, like it did in September 2019.

The way out of the giant influx of cash into the debt economy, causing the crash in September 2019, was to unleash the 14 year “gain in pathogenesis” and “gain in function“ trials performed on the SARS coronavirus1 virus that originated in the horseshoe bat.

The trials were performed at North Carolina University, Chapel Hill, NC, United States from 2005 to 2019, by a team led by Professor Shi Zhengli from Wuhan Institute of Virology. But no-one seems to know how the virus escaped the laboratory, although evidence shows it happened before 1 October 2019 and not in the Wuhan Markets. The first of those cases were reported at the end of December, 2019.

The gain in pathogenesis and gain in function studies were jointly funded by the Chinese and US Governments. As we all know, when the genetically engineerd virus was released, the world was “forced” into a lockdown. Subsequently, all Governments were “forced” to borrow trillions to be able to offer handouts to the affected taxpayers and social benefits recipients, viz. everyone. And eh violà!, no more economic crash due to cash injections exceeding debt that happened in September 2019. Debt was once again in full swing and so the economy was in “balance”.

Free Energy for Economic Growth

But, we are talking about energy being the basis of economic development. So what the writer means by ‘free’ is not about the cost of harnessing and supply, for which one might reasonably expect to pay, but ‘free’ in the sense that Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) meant when he said:

This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities. Radiant Energy System

And somewhat like the ancient Egyptians are said to have used.[1]

Anyone who has visited the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and followed the long, dark, twisting passages leading to the painted and sculptured walls depicting the Pharaoh’s life and eventually leading to his tomb, will wonder at the total lack of any soot on the pristine limestone walls and ceiling; and the intensity of the colour of the thousands of years’ old paint on the walls and ceilings.

It would be pitch dark that far in without a good light source to create such splendid art. And chances are it was freely available electricity that was used for light (and for the massive amounts of evidence of high speed drilling elsewhere[2]), based on the paintings and reliefs of extremely large globes[3], or possibly phase conjugating plasma tubes, found in Hathor temple at Dendera; and on the notion of a God electric nature of the cosmos which was understood by the ancient Egyptians and is understood by the Thunderbolts Project today.

Free Non-Polluting Energy Possibilities

A short list of some of the choices we have today, for “free”, unmetered energy, includes:

Non-polluting Renewable Energy

Or at least more efficient, renewable energy like:

Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)

“No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.” Nicola Tesla (1856-1943

A century ago, Tesla attempted to interest the US government in his wire-free scalar energy and when he failed, the Russians and Germans asked him to work for them, but he turned them down.

Then in 1943 he proposed to FDR that we should look carefully at the fact that we can get all the energy we need from any space we happen to be in.

But the ruling class elite feared that since Einstein was able to influence FDR to mobilize the ‘atomic energy paradigm’, then perhaps Tesla might have enabled just such a program for ‘energy from the active medium’ known as Energy From The Vacuum or ZPE (Zero-Point-Energy).

Anyway, he didn’t show up for his meeting with the President, because he was found dead in his apartment from “natural causes”.

A Yugoslavian film on Nikola Tesla called “The Secret of Nikola Tesla” states that he had been poisoned; and there is an understanding that his paranoia of poisoning was not paranoia, but premonition. More likely, it may have been a logical supposition based on previous personal experiences.

For National Security reasons it was alleged that nobody was to know that the Coroner’s report had indicated he had been poisoned.[4] The original death certificate would be an interesting document to retrieve.

Scalar Waves as a Free Non-Polluting Energy Source

Some of Tesla’s inventions were dangerous. Not only did he discover scalar waves – as theorized by James Clerk Maxwell in 1865 in his theory of electromagnetic radiation – and how to use the scalar longitudinal energy to manufacture earthquakes, but also he created a ‘Death Ray’, which has been likened to a particle beam weapon which can shoot a laser one thousand miles into space.

Zero point energy means that even if one froze the entire universe down to zero – all motion etc., everything to the far reaches of outer space – that rather than emptiness or the vacuum, there is really a seething cauldron of quantum energy or zero point energy still there. So much for the vacuum of space if quantum theory is correct.

This theoretical observation was discovered in the middle of last century by physists like Harold E. Puthoff, Alfonso Rueda and Bernard Haisch amoung others. And it is predicted by the mathematics of quantum theory that the figures are so large that there is enough energy in the volume of a coffee cup, for instance, to evaporate the world’s oceans. So it was thought it must be some kind of an artifact of the theory.

How Tesla’s Scalar Energy Technology is Being Used

Unacknowledged projects that use zero point energy are called black projects. And most so-called “UFO” sightings today belong to the black projects.

Dr Steven Greer — National Press Club Event – Disclosure Project – May 9, 2001 – Washington, DC

Dr Steven Greer The Deep National Security State 1/8 – November 2015

We haven’t needed so-called “fossil” fuel since 1908 when Tesla with Nathan Stubblefield (1876) had their Earth Battery Tri-Metal Generator running the farm.

Harnessing the Hutchison Effect otherwise you don’t get overunity.

Such technology would mean the end of oil, gas, coal, internal combustion engines, rocket and jet engines, centralized utilities, solar panels and windmills (which are 18th century or earlier technology anyway).

But because energy is the basis of economic growth and economic growth depends on our debt-economy which means that all governments must be in debt to the black sun worshippers for the economy to be in ‘balance’, then we can never experience sustainability of the kind that free non-polluting energy can provide.

The reason is not a technical or scientific issue, but a social and macro economic and geo political problem, because the unacknowledged projects are ruthlessly suppressed by the black sun worshipers who rule the world and who are controlled by greed and power.

The late Ben Robert Rich (1925-1995) who was the second director (1975 to 1991) of Lockheed Corp.’s top-secret research and development unit known as the “Skunk Works” said Nicola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown‘s theories are kept in a black box by the black sun worshippers.

Rich said it would take an act of God to get them away from the black sun worshippers to benefit humanity. And since everything is part of the one event, perhaps we all need to be part of that act of God so it can be achieved.

Otherwise, all we are left with after our trillions of carbon dollars have been paid to the black sun worshippers, are the following highly greenhouse gas polluting and landfill polluting technologies that are being touted as the solutions to global warming caused by greenhouse gases. Are we really so stupid as to fall for that?

So-Called Green Renewable Energy Possibilities Today

energy is the basis of economic growth.
How renewable is this technology, really? Wind and solar technology uses planned obsolesce of ~25 years and the waste is highly toxic.
Image courtesy:

Since energy is the basis of economic growth, and so-called “climate change” is linked via greenhouse gases causing a planetary environmental so-called “catastrophe”, so obviously electric energy produced by coal, natural gas, petroleum, biomass and waste burning or even from solar panels or wind turbines that require huge amounts of toxic chemicals to produce initially and then produce prodigious amounts of greenhouse gas and landfill pollution, may not be the answer.

As electricity is currently being produced it is definitely not a green solution. Yet we are being forced to substitute coal production of electricity with even more potentially environmentally harmful alternatives like solar panels and wind turbines and biomass and waste burning without any studies to support the efficacy of the switch.

Solar Panels as an Alternative to Coal Burning

National Geographic reported on November 12, 2014: “Fabricating the panels requires caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and the process uses water as well as electricity, the production of which emits greenhouse gases. It also creates waste. These problems could undercut solar’s ability to fight climate change and reduce environmental toxics”.

The generation of electricity from fossil fuel, biomass or waste burning has been known to cause important damages to ecosystems and human health. Combustion gases produced from burning them are:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Particulate matter (PM)
  • Heavy metals such as mercury

But, as already mentioned, solar panels don’t fare any better and it could be said they fare even worse. Again, according to Forbes Magazine more than 2 years ago, regarding the problem of solar panel disposal, and which is quoting a senior Chinese solar official, a 40-year veteran of the U.S. solar industry, and research scientists with the German Stuttgart Institute for Photovoltaics, the problem of solar panel disposal “will explode with full force in two or three decades and wreck the environment” because it “is a huge amount of waste and they are not easy to recycle”. He says: “Contrary to previous assumptions, pollutants such as lead or carcinogenic cadmium can be almost completely washed out of the fragments of solar modules over a period of several months, for example by rainwater”.

So the manufacture of solar panels is a highly toxic and greenhouse gas producing process, not to mention the 10-20 short life and toxic leaching into the landfills when buried; and yet it is being touted as one of the solutions to greenhouse gas. Of course, it is anything but, and is a perfect example of fake news.

Although the touted alternatives are substantially more toxic than coal, it cannot be disputed that solar panels and wind turbines are a better economic solution in terms of cost of production being near stratospheric. In other words, causing massive debt to prop up the debt-economy.

Do Wind Turbines Produce Green Electric Energy?

“The wind turbine blade will be there, ultimately, forever,” Bob Cappadona, chief operating officer for the North American unit of Paris-based Veolia Environnement SA

Turbine blades can last up to 20 years, but many are taken down after just 10 so they can be replaced with bigger and more powerful designs.

A wind turbine’s blades can be longer than a Boeing 747 wing, and they are piling up in landfills. Built to withstand hurricane-force winds, the blades can’t easily be crushed, recycled or repurposed. Hence, we see landfills being clogged with them worldwide.

Fragments of wind turbine blades await burial
Fragments of wind turbine blades await burial at the Casper Regional Landfill in Wyoming.
Photographer: Benjamin Rasmussen for Bloomberg Green

Energy the Basis of Economic Growth

The world economy is based on ever-increasing population, a model which requires almost unlimited energy, which is unsustainable using current so-called “green solutions” for energy production just for starters.

And, after climate change has shown itself in its true colours, which they say is/was caused by us, their next mantra will be the need to save the world from “population explosion”: the very population growth necessary for their economic model to succeed – but which will again be all our “fault”.


Since energy is the basis of economic growth and solar panels have an 8% efficiency and are built to last 10 years using huge amounts of coal or equally polluting biomass or waste burning to create the silicon used in the panels, they are an excellent candidate for economic growth.

As well, solar panels’ fabrication requires caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and the process uses water as well as electricity, the production of which emits greenhouse gases.

Then there is the problem of solar panel disposal which “will explode with full force in two or three decades and wreck the environment”. So they can hardly be considered a green solution.

More efficient solar panels like NASA uses on Mars cost 1,000,000 a square inch.

Wind turbines fare no better and possibly even worse. Not only do they cause massive toxic reactions during their production, they also cause visual pollution and bird death above ground. But when they live out their short 10-20 year lifespan they foul the ecosystem below ground, for many thousands of years.

The only thing green about the renewable energy solutions on offer is the money it makes for the elite who are controlling the narrative regarding climate change which is said to be the reason for the need for green solutions.

Talk about kicking the can down the road.

Further References:
[2] advanced machining in ancient Egypt
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Is World Economy a Ponzi Scheme Economy?

Is World Economy a Giant Ponzi Scheme Economy which Crashed in Sept 2019

A Ponzi Scheme Economy is a giant pyramid scheme by definition, and the most learned of experts in world economics tell us that the world economy is indeed a giant Ponzi scheme economy based on debt to just a few families.

Politicians around the world are controlled by 3 families:
House of Saud 6+++ $4 trillion+
Rothschild 6++ $2 trillion+
Soros 6+ $1 trillion+

“The world needs a new model of how to generate a rising standard of living that’s not dependent on a pyramid scheme,” Nobel laureate Steven Chu said at the University of Chicago.

Is COVID-19 a Cover-up of Sept 2019 Crash of our Pyramid Scheme Economy?

Diagram of the mathematics of a Giant Ponzi Scheme

A pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme, the latter named after 1920’s Italian con artist Charles Ponzi, are quite similar. Ponzi was paying earlier investors using the investments of later investors which is in fact how the world economic system is run. A pyramid economy is a debt-based economy which uses debt as the preferred asset to back the currency rather than a physical asset like gold or silver.

In September 2019 the shadow banking system crashed worse than at any other time in the history of the world.

The repurchase agreement, or “repo,” market, an obscure but important part of the financial system, was to blame and has received much recent publicity for failing to notice that a credit bubble was about to burst.

Week of World Giant Ponzi Scheme Crash
Graph showing the date that 10s of billions were injected into the economy to cover the run on cash requests on a debt based economy.

In the week of September 16, 2019, a lot of cash flowed out of the repo pipes just as more securities were flowing in. That meant that suddenly there was more cash than debt, and that mismatch drove overnight repo rates to 10% on September 17, from about 2% the week before. [1]

The response by the 0.0000001% who own the shadow banks and the printing rights was to print trillions of dollars – or debt – and inject it into the Federal Reserve Bank and the Treasury of the United States in order to balance out the cash influx. This injection of debt dollars into the economy filters to the rest of the world, since the US dollar officially became the world’s reserve currency in the 70’s, and is shown in the above graph.

The REPO Market and the Start of the Financial Crisis (2020)

Giant Ponzi Scheme Crash Coincides with COVID-19 Outbreak

Coincidentially, SARS-CoV2 virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type2) causing COVID-19 disease was just beginning to infect people in Wuhan Wet Markets in China in late September early October, 2019.

Interestingly, the Scientist responsible for the gain-of-function and gain in pathogenesis trials on coronavirus1, Dr Shi Zhengli, was from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. She found, after 18 iterations of trials performed at North Carolina University, from samples acquired from Fort Detrick, that coronavirus1 became SARS-CoV2 virus. It was the 19th trial which is responsible for causing the weaponized COVID-19 disease.

Since 2005 she had been carrying out her studies on coronavirus1 at North Carolina University with funding from the Chinese and United States Governments. She was not called back to Wuhan Institute of Virology in response to the escape of SARS-CoV-2 virus until late December, 2019 while she was attending a conference in Shanghai.

COVID-19 Pandemic is an Economic Black Swan

So, SARS-CoV-2 virus, or COVID-19 pandemic is being called an economic Black Swan which has “thrust the world onto a path to an economic collapse of epic proportions”, according to the shadow rulers of the world – the 0.0000001% who control the media inter alia.

But, the reality is that the crash occurred on 17 September and had no bearing on COVID-19 apart from both happened around the same time, with the economic collapse being the first to register on the world stage.

It is easy to understand that small businesses have taken a coup de grâce blow by the lockdown. That is despite the trillions of dollar injections into the debt economy which we will pay for over the next few generations in order to keep the debt economy or Giant Ponzi Scheme afloat.

All Governments around the World have been forced to borrow the printed debt to compensate the victims of the lockdown. The victims amount to just about everyone, but most especially small business owners, a lot of which will never recover.

So now, the non-ruling parties of all Governments worldwide can accuse the ruling parties of borrowing crippling debt, and a lot of people will believe that they should not have done that because they understand that we have to pay it back in taxes, eventually.

But governments had no choice at the time. It was necessary so that the Giant Ponzi Scheme Economy could begin to recover from the Sept 2019 shadow banking system crash which was followed by the March 2020 Stock Market crash to end all crashes, scalewise.

Ponzi Scheme Economy Recovery

The pyramid scheme recovery entailed injecting more debt dollars to balance the cash which began to overtake the debt and cause the economic crash in Sept 2019.

Its a delicate juggling act to run a Giant Ponzi Scheme Economy which most governments don’t fully understand. We are not taught economics in school and even at University level what is taught is not even close to how a debt standard operates.

Debt-Based Economy – We Have A Debt Standard

What a Debt-Based Economy means is that whenever a borrower pays loan principal back to the bank, that money stops circulating – it just disappears from the overall money supply and goes back to pay the initial (i.e. the .0000001% who own it). This means the money supply increases when banks make loans and decreases when borrowers pay principal back to the banks.[2]

IT’S Happening NOW – “The End of Money as We Know It” (Full Documentary)

In modern money systems, money is brought into circulation by printing it. The printing of money by the 0.0000001% and loaning it to banks or governments (supposedly to most credit worthy instances of any economy) means we have a debt standard. Therefore there must actually always be more debt than money. But in Sept 2019 there was more money than debt and so the shadow banking system crashed.

And that is precisely when we supposedly suffered an economic Black Swan which put the world onto a path of economic collapse of epic proportions due to the weaponized SARS-CoV2 virus causing COVID-19 disease, supposedly.

What is the Link Between Health and the Economy?

And why is the link between our economy and world health so important?

In 1992, so called Agenda for the 21st Century was agreed to by 179 nations. It is a UN plan to ostensibly protect world health, but it is really about controlling the debt based economy like everything else. It is a widely held belief that Agenda 21 was planned with malice aforethought since in the name of health you can suppress liberty.

At the exact same time that the COVID-19 lockdown occurred worldwide, the biggest crash of the stock market in world history occurred, viz. March 2020, but nobody knows anything about it. That’s because everybody was quarantined at home thinking about coronavirus and face masks and social distancing and too distracted to care.

So, was it the health ruse that explains the recent quarantine of all the healthy people worldwide? Whereas if Agenda 21 was not in play, would only unhealthy people be quarantined from a virus which was weaponized at North Carolina, not Wuhan btw?

So Trump is definitely wrong to call it the “Kung ‘flu” when it would be more correctly called the North Carolina ‘flu or gain-of function and gain in pathogenesis ‘flu – or, in other words the “weaponized ‘flu” – the trials for which were paid for by the 0.0000001%.

“It Is Destined To Happen This Way” EXPOSED (2020)


Our crashed economy was instigated by the outbreak of COVID-19 which was a result of gain-of-function and gain in pathogenesis trials carried out over 14 years at the University of North Carolina until 2019 which by choice precipitated a worldwide lockdown.

The effect of the economic shutdown so produced can only get worse every day and is likely due to 2 main factors:
1. to cover up the shadow bank collapse of 17 September 2019 and the subsequent Stock Exchange crash of March 2020; and
2. the need to instil the fear of the need to “vaccinate” everyone in the world in order to bring us out of the Economic Black Swan and to return us to safety health wise: physically, economically and emotionally.

The above constitutes a classic Hegelian Dialectic and I will cover the proposed solution of COVID-19 economic and health solutions by way of a the classic Hegelian Dialectic of problem; reaction; solution in my next blog.

[1]The shadow banks are back with another big bad credit bubble
[2]The Debt-Based Economy

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