The Dreaming of The-Mind-of-the-Spirit-of-All-Life

According to the Australian Aboriginal Myth of Creation, creation was given life by the Dreaming of the Mind-of-the-Spirit-of-All-Life which it gave to:

  • Barramundi who gave it to
  • Turtle who gave it to
  • Lizard who gave it to
  • Eagle who gave it to
  • Possum who gave it to
  • Kangaroo who gave it to
  • Homo sapiens the dreaming

The Dreaming of the Mind-of-the-Spirit-of-All-Life is another word for Consciousness which is another word for the Unconscious Mind or another word for God.

Consciousness is what Tesla  believed he came here to teach each individual how to regain on his/her own wings.   He said:

My brain is only a receiver.  In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

The universe is a single Consciousness and an ocean of limitless energy.  It is what manipulates the brain to produce mind.

Staying within universal Consciousness, or Oneness, makes one self confident and gives one inner peace.  It makes one tough, whereas stepping outside it and hating those within it, makes one weak enough to need to get strength by selling one’s soul to Archons, who are definitely outside Oneness, albeit powerful by virtue of the fact they are outside of time, and so can manipulate it.  But they do not have any inner peace and so only want the destruction of creation, which they believe is the only way they can have any peace.

It is Consciousness that we have not breathed energy into by becoming one with it, or aware of it, that  the Archons, who have become cut off from source, latch onto.  When we wake up that unconscious energy is Consciousness,  and so lead from the heart, we are able to create miracles;  and negative energy has to feed off someone who has not woken up to who we are – someone who has cut themselves off from source by being negative and open to their attacks. Of course, the ideal would be that there are no such individuals left, so the 4th dimensional demons have nothing left to feed off, and perish, since unlike us they cannot create their own energy from source.

So Consciousness is what psychology calls the unconscious. According to Freud (1915) and fully accepted by the ruling elite:

The unconscious mind is the primary source of human behavior.

icebergLike an iceberg, the most important part of the mind is the part you cannot see.  So it is at an unconscious level we are well aware that everything is part of the one event, called creation, and that it is ruled by the beauty of love.

Failing to understand this “reality” at a conscious level puts us at odds with who we are at the core level, or at the unconscious level, which causes a dichotomy instead of a coherence in our mind and/or psyche.  It is this dichotomy which is the duality that allows for hatred of others, which is really a hatred of oneself because of one’s split from “reality” or Oneness, and which is off-loaded onto others; because at least at the unconscious level, hatred is known to be at odds with one’s own survival.

So in effect, it is a misguided attempt at setting the record straight. The blame is shifted to everything and everyone except to where it really lies. It is a right and left brain war that occurs because the right brain contains the blueprint of the universe,  and the left brain deals with what is learnt in this lifetime; and if the two are opposites of each other, or the antagonist of each other and if the war goes on unabated, it will produce depression leading to dementia, and  grave mental disorders in severe cases.

The physiological connections of the rhythms of the breath, heartbeat, and brain have been extensively studied and shown to be intimately related to our emotions, thoughts, and psychospiritual state.

The thread that connects these emotions and states is the impact of rhythm, and the notion that rhythms can communicate bio-information, at the scalar level, that governs a wide variety of functions, including that of guiding living beings towards health and well-being.

If the vibrations at the atomic and molecular level are discordant, asynchronous or hate-filled  then the frequencies produced will guide beings towards ill-health and even self-hate.

All life exists within a sea of vibration, and rhythm is fundamental to all of life. Everything is vibration at the cellular level and  that reduces to sound.  “In the beginning was the word”.

The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and philosophy is the level of unity.  At the deepest sub-nuclear level of reality we are one.John Hagelin.  Quantum Physicist. Ph.D. in  Physics and Consciousness

Consciousness  follows the basic laws of logic, otherwise it would be in chaos.  Speech and biology and all living things and thoughts follow the laws of logic for the same reason.  But Consciousness is more than simple logic, because it embodies pure love.

For me, the breakthrough that all living things were conscious and obeyed the laws of logic came in the days when air hostesses handed out magazines and cigarettes to flight passengers, and I was reading “New Scientist”, in which there was an article on plant tissue being kept alive in vitro. Simple binary programs were passed through the tissue that required a 1 or 0 response, and 99.999% of the time the response was logical. It may have even been 100%, but it is too long ago for me to me sure.

But, a long time ago we were taken over by the Demiurge who created us, it seems, so we have a bit of a hard road to travel to get ourselves out of the matrix we have been locked in for eons. And its not a case that someone, or anyone can come and save us, because we have all the means necessary to save ourselves, and anyway, no-one can do that for us. No second coming or anything else can do what only we can do for ourselves, using our own Consciousness which is instantaneously linked to the Mind of the Spirit of All Life.

According to Laura Eisenhower, great-grand daughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Nephalim built a reversal grid under stone henge, which is a  super computer which affects Ley lines and vortexes, locking them so they keep the planet in a locked position so it can’t open its natural star gates.

But we are connected to the natural star gates because everything is part of the one event and instantly connected to it via scalar/torsion waves which carry Consciousness, so when our Consciousness expands we are able to override these technological manipulations put there by those great wizards of technology.

Consciousness cannot be blocked by a Faraday cage or anything else, which means it must be of a higher frequency than the highest gamma ray frequency.  That means it has to travel at superluminal speed, that is to say at least the speed of light squared which is 34.7 billion mps or 55,844,236,800 kilometers per second.

Yea! for Consciousness, or as the Australian Aborigines call it: the dreaming of the Mind of the Spirit of all life.


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