Welcome to Scalar Day Spa.

Discover the unequaled effect that scalar energy has on the immune system's ability to stimulate the self-healing response.

Based on quantum physics and scalar waves, which were re-discovered by physicist Nikola Tesla in 1899, this relatively suppressed form of medicine is the future of healing.

Scalar waves are longitudinal waves which travel faster than the speed of light and easily penetrate solid objects. They form non local potential energy, have a vortex structure, are fractal in nature and carry information. Scalar waves do not decay over time or distance and the energy and information is stored outside our 3D space.

Using the scalar energy wand imparts the cellular, vibrant health information and energy it holds, and that corrects abnormal energy fields around cells close to the wand, thereby reprogramming them to work normally and restore optimal function.

For instance, healing a cut, burn, bruise or similar can be felt and seen to heal, sometimes almost immediately or in a few minutes, depending on the severity of the injury or condition. But in any case, the difference in pain levels and/or disfigurement is noticeable in a short period of time and the healing pain is usually felt if the injury is significant.

Cranial Massage

We use scalar (zero point) energy with cranial massage which begins and speeds up the process of your return to a more beautiful face and a balanced, healthier, less toxic state over-all. Unbelievable results have been achieved.

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   scalar pen

...or have all the benefits of a day spa at home...

Once only available in medical spas, now you can own a portable Skin Tightening 1-3Mhz (variable) Ultrasonic & Ionic Facial Light Spa & Body Toner for $149 - the cost of 1 visit to the spa.

Nothing short of astonishing results, especially if hyaluronic acid and EGF are used as a conductive gel with the facial ultrasound - a natural deep cleansing, sculpturing, firming & renewing is the reward

...and the IPL 7-colour Photon & 1 Mhz Ultrasound head, facial (if used with a mask) & body massager for the elimination of toxins and blemishes or stretch marks and for rejuvenation beginning in the deeper tissue areas i.e. the head and body skin which requires deeper 1Mhz waves. Until this year that was not possible to achieve in a hand held device...

Buy this one for $99 with free shipping for less than the cost of 1 visit to the spa.

Or try my Androgynae Soap

This hair, skin and endocrine system enriching soap, made from the purest ingredients and containing a 12,000 year old blend of essential oils chosen for their rejuvenating properties, contains phytosteroids to balance and replace our natural male and female hormones. This is especially beneficial for anyone over 30, but can be used at any age past 12 years. It is so rich and creamy and pure your skin and hair will just love it. It is especially useful for any problematic skin conditions as it is very soothing as well as healing.

Buy 3 Androgynae Soap for $30 with free shipping in NZ

Support your endocrine system

If you want to balance your endocannabinoid system, which regulates your endocrine system, then you need to supplement your cannabinoid receptors - which are found all over the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells - with phytocannabinoids, or plant cannabinoids from hemp paste.