Scalar Torsion – Unified Field Theory Key

Scalar Torsion is the New Symmetry of General Relativity

scalar torsion toroidal donut
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Under Cartan transformations, the new formalism of the General Theory of Relativity (GTR) leads to different pictures of the same gravitational phenomena. “We reformulate the general theory of relativity in the language of Riemann-Cartan geometry (J. B. Fonseca-Neto, C. Romero, S. P. G. Martinez)[1]. They show that in an arbitrary Cartan gauge general relativity has the form of a scalar-tensor theory – “…we extend the concept of space-time symmetry to the more general case of Riemann-Cartan space-times endowed with scalar torsion.”

To Tesla, the General Theory of Relativity was just:

a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense.

GTR has the problem of using the speed of light as a constant, but if you look you are using the speed of light. Einstein ignored everything he couldn’t see, but if you want to derive particles you can’t ignore it. The speed of light is infinite, according to the ancient Greeks and up until Galileo Galilei in early 1560’s.

Quantum Theory explains everything except General Relativity and Gravity. But if space-times are endowed with scalar torsion we are down to just Gravity with the New Symmetry of General Relativity. And if Gravity, as explained by Bob McElrath, a former theory postdoc at UC Davis and now at CERN, emerges from neutrinos [2] then, it too is explained by scalar torsion waves, since Prof. Konstantin Meyl PhD has presented the theory that neutrinos are scalar waves moving faster than the speed of light.[3]

Properties of Neutrinos

In 2002 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Raymond Davis Jr. and Masatoshi Koshiba for the detection of cosmic neutrinos.

A neutrino oscillates between the properties of an electron and a positron and the average of the charge of the neutrino is zero and the mass is as well. But the effective value is not zero. Just like AC current: the average of the voltage is zero but the effective value is not zero.

The result is that you have a particle with no charge and no mass, but it has energy and it has a pulse and this is the only way to explain the existence of the physical neutrino.

Neutrinos – Potential Vortices – Scalar Torsion Waves – Unified Field Theory

From Objectivity to a Unified Field Theory
Potential vortices, newly discovered properties of the electric field, fundamentally change the picture of the physical world.
Prof. Konstantin Meyl PhD., who lectures at Technical University of Berlin, University of Clausthal and at the University of Applied Sciences, Furtwangen has written several books. Some of them have been translated into English. He has designed a fully functional replica of Nicola Tesla’s longitudinal electric wave-potential vortex which propagates scalar-like through space and which phenomenon can now be studied and examined once again.

He used James Clerk Maxwell‘s 3rd Equation known as Faraday’s Law, as a hypothetical factor and proves that the electric vortex is a part of it. Because his theory is based on an extension of the Maxwell theory, so classic physical laws remain in force as his theory is a special case scenario that does not affect them.

This non-speculative theory enables new interpretations of several principles of electrical engineering and quantum physics. It leads to feasible interpretations of experimental observations which to this day have not been possible to explain via existing theories. For example, quantum particle characteristics can be calculated when interpreted as a vortex. Likewise a number of neutrino experimental results can be explained when the neutrinos are regarded as a vortex.

Dr. Meyl’s theory describes how field vortices form scalar waves via his extended field theory.

Neutrino Power – Alternative Clean, Cheap Energy

Neutrino energy (scalar torsion) from black hole
Neutrinos blasting from the centre of a Galaxy Radio Galaxy Pictor A
Credits: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Univ. of Hertfordshire/M. Hardcastle et al.; Radio: CSIRO/ATNF/ATCA
If one goes into resonance with neutrino radiation then one can collect it, but the frequencies are higher than the present day semi-conductors. Nevertheless, neutrino power is available as an inexhaustible form of energy due to a remarkable overunity effect. Significant advances can result in terms of environmental sustainability and regarding today’s electromagnetic pollution, by means of this revised theory.

However, the Khazarian Mafia or Hyksos blue bloods who are less than 1% of the population and who own the world and everything in it, cannot get what they want from clean, cheap energy; because what they want is full control over what happens on earth, using their occult knowledge and our taxes and interest on their black magic money scam. They are very proud of being able to trace their bloodline back to Cain, who was not Adam’s son and not fully human, hence their copper-based blue blood.

But for regular red blooded people with a heart and the ability to empathize and create, all this means is that newly discovered properties of the electric field are fundamentally changing our view of the physical world. In the enhanced view of potential vortex, the physical comprehension becomes ever more objective, as the Meyl theory explains not only interactions but temperature, which to date is inexplicable via conventional theories.

Electric Scalar Waves and Magnetic Scalar Waves

Since Maxwell’s four equations of 1861 describing electromagnetic waves, we have understood and used them but not until Heinrich Hertz demonstrated their existence in 1887. These electromagnetic waves were predicted by Maxwell 26 years earlier, and were not demonstrated by Hertz until after Maxwell’s death in 1879, albeit using the truncated version called the Maxwell-Heaviside equation of 1874.

Oliver Heaviside was an English self-taught electrical engineer, mathematician, and physicist. It was not known then and still it is not accepted by mainstream electromagnetic engineers, that the electromagnetic waves comprise electric scalar waves and magnetic scalar waves within the recognized electromagnetic waves. This is in part because of the truncation of the equation, and because the 3rd equation describes the magnetic monopoles as being set to zero. These days mobile phones are sending that part of Maxwell’s third equation – Gauss’ Magnetism Law which is set to 0 (and should not be) – by default. Once it is recognized, understood and used intentionally, that the magnetic monoplole is not zero, our technology will take another quantum leap.

Meyl derives the extended Maxwell equation from his unified field theory as contained in the soon to be translated book: “From Objectivity to the Theory of Everything” or Unified Field Theory published in German. His intention is write papers on it soon so it can be peer-reviewed.

His equation says there are two sides of the coin, the electric and the magnetic, and one is changing to the other one if there is movement e.g. us around sun and/or the sun around the centre of the galaxy etc.. If you have an electric field, the field is the influence for the light, and if there is an electric field it will influence the speed of light, and if there is movement we get a magnetic field from the electric field, and vice versa. We cannot measure the aether wind because we are moving with it. Aether is the field, an electric and magnetic field.

The cause for the known value of the speed of light is called the aether, but putting the 3nd Maxwell structure forming particle potential which is the magnetic monopole to zero was the error, so physicists couldn’t explain the particles.

Paul Dirac was the first who understood that the magnetic monopole has to be there to explain the observations, and the Helmholtz Society found it in 2009. Quantum physicists like Max Planck were experiencing these quantum effects as he called them and tried to explain all the field effects by quantum effects, like for gravitational effects they created gravitons. In other words they postulated what they wanted to explain. Now they are in process of postulating from non-derived postulations such as electrons, positron, protons etc. such postulations as quarks, muons and more.

The Big Bang is a Big BluffKonstantin Meyl

How Matter is Produced

If the Schrödinger equation is derived from the extended field theory of Meyl then all particles which the Schrödinger equation is describing have to be vortex structures, according to his objectivity theory. The fields of the vortex balls run around one point which is the centre of the ball which is still, i.e. the speed of light is at zero, and the field lines all go to the centre which means it is infinite at the centre. Such balls become stable matter. Electromagnetic waves don’t have this property, but all matter is vortex balls, according to Meyl’s theory.

Scalar torsion Energy Emanates from a Singularity at the Centers of Galaxies

Wandering Black Hole
Wandering Black Hole found by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray observatory. Image credit: Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/NASA
The universe is a web of singularities (“black holes” and “white holes”) from which faster-than-light scalar torsion energy flows. This energy flows throughout the universe, from the galactic scale to the subatomic, spiraling and branching (fractaling) as it goes, following toroidal (doughnut-shaped) flows.[5]

Other names for scalar torsion fields are: chi, prana, tachyon energy, zero point energy, life force, torsion fields/waves, longitudinal waves, neutrino power and more.

hexagonal scalar torsion-wave structured frozen water crystals
Dr Emoto Masaru’s book cover showing the hexagonal structure which torsion waves create in water.
At Sound Energy Research scientists created torsion field imprints in distilled water using scalar torsion wave technologies. The result is structured water called scalar wave–structured water™. They provided samples to Dr. Masaru Emoto who froze them and studied the crystals, which formed hexagonal structures like those created by human consciousness.

The scalar torsion technology creates the same effects as mental intent that has been captured and frozen by Dr. Emoto. The inference to be drawn is that scalar torsion waves, albeit bereft of any electromagnetic properties or mass, are “carrier waves” of consciousness via the scalar torsion field.[6]

[4] Watch Nassim Haramein – Crossing the event horizon DVD